Shobu Ippon Denmark is a non-profit association that has been organizing tournaments, judge training, and training camps since 2012. Shobu Ippon Denmark is led by Jesper Markvardsen 7th dan and Jesper Fjeldgaard Andersen 7th dan. Both have many years of experience with traditional karate and have over the years witnessed a declining level of activity within the sport, which was the driving force behind creating new activities for all those practicing traditional karate. Karate is a niche sport compared to many other larger sports, which is why karate tournaments, in addition to the athletic aspect, help to spread awareness of karate and foster relationships across clubs, organizations, and countries.

We believe that karate tournaments are important for the following reasons:

Promotes health and fitness: Karate tournaments provide participants with the opportunity to engage in physical activity and thereby improve their health and fitness.

Develops skills: Tournaments allow karate practitioners to test their skills and techniques in a competitive atmosphere, helping them to improve and refine their karate abilities.

Builds character: The competitive element in tournaments challenges participants to demonstrate discipline, determination, respect, and sportsmanship, contributing to the development of their character and personality.

Fosters community: Karate tournaments bring together practitioners from different clubs, organizations and communities, creating a strong sense of community and opportunities to form friendships across diverse backgrounds.

Celebrates achievements: Tournaments allow participants to celebrate their achievements and see their hard work rewarded, which can be a major motivational factor for continued dedication and training.

Overall, it is necessary to continually have the necessary offerings in terms of retention and dissemination of karatedo

All events are based on traditional Karatedo. The Shobu Ippon ruleset is used at our tournaments.

Shobu Ippon rules